Between a Dj and a Music Performer




If I have the numbers of Baba Nla and DJ Spinall, who would be my first point of contact in order to throw down the bash of the year? The immediate answer that would spring to my lips will be DJ Spinall. No offence to Wizkid, he is a legend in his own right and has been rightfully recognized in the Guinness Book of Records for the year 2017 for his tireless hard work but I would rather settle down to eat a plate of starch and banga soup with assorted stockfish and meats floating around, than eating banga soup with one meat. Though the analogy may seem absurd, that is the exact case with the two peoples being compared. One brings together the whole package while the other brings just one flow.

One unique feature of DJs is their ability to recognize the next song which would stimulate the crowd further. Just when you think that the DJ has exhausted his bag of tricks, he whips out his magical wand and conjures a song that leaves you screaming with wild joy at the top of your lungs while rushing to get your partner or friends to share in the dance. The same cannot be said concerning an artist. Even though the artist may be renown around the world, once he unleashes the best song in his set, the mood of the whole crowd would most definitely be high and then drop; never to be raised again because they know the other songs in the his catalogue.

Think of it; when you bring David Guetta to your party you can never experience a dull moment. Much more, when DJ Big N, Mavin’s official DJ shows up, you are bound to keep rocking to every hit songs from all the artistes in the labels roll rather than inviting one of their artistes and spending the night trying to follow up with the flow of their relatively unpopular songs while waiting for them to unleash that particular one that you know. Face it: without a DJ, your party is not worthy to be called a party

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