Do you need a Dj to have a good party



What are the components of a good party?  What are the major boxes that need to be ticked whenever one thinks of a good party? Great drinks? Sure. Good company? Yes.  Good food? Maybe not so much for a night party. Balloons? A good accessory which a party can do without. Great music? Most definitely. One can confidently forget most details about a party but one can never forget the kind of vibe which a DJ exuded through his set in the party.

A great DJ who knows his stuff, would literally bring the house down with his wonderful set session and would leave the party goers with an experience which cannot be recreated easily. A friend, who is a regular customer at a bar once told me that the major reason why he frequented the bar was just to get an opportunity to listen to the DJ and he confided this to me while we were reclining on the sofa of the bar and shaking our heads rhythmically to the oldies jams which the good DJ was playing. Within thirty minutes, the other party goers in the bar had already sent more than three cartoons of drinks in order to appreciate the efforts of the good man whose expertise was resurrecting excellent memories within them. That is the uniqueness of a DJ which cannot be ignored at any party.

Whenever you visibly sight DJ Xclusive on the wheels of steel, you know that the roof is going to come down and the whole arena would be turnt up because the songs flowing from the lips of the huge speakers would have an exclusive touch which would extend into your core and awaken a dormant part of yourself. Trust me, no party can be legendary without the presence of a DJ; just attend a party where DJ Spinall is on deck and come back to thank me later

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