Should a dj Feature another Dj in a Single



The era for musical artists being the ones who churn out hits have long passed as DJs have already begun to take the central stage in producing excellent tracks and delivering beautiful content. DJ Jimmy Jatt featuring 2faces “Stylee” is one of the early examples that set the pace for the latest DJ singles by DJs that are making waves on airplay these days. However, would there be an excellent delivery if two DJs decide to jump on the same track? Would you honestly yearn to listen to a single from DJ Xclusive featuring DJ Spinall? I sincerely think that the delivery would be dope. You see, most DJs have what we can confidently refer to as the golden touch because their long hours spent in arranging the best set for parties has enabled them to create good beats which the people definitely love. With time being the teacher which has helped most DJs hone their golden touch, they would be able to pull off amazing wonders whenever they decide to feature themselves in any track.

One sentiment which most music lovers hold on to is that DJs do not really sing in the singles they produce. Indeed, most of them hardly sing in the way most people feel an artiste should sing but the beauty of music is that anyone can come up with his unique style which may turn out to be entertaining. Take for instance the case of DJ Khalid who does not engage in the traditional rap but has three albums already with the last one named ‘Successful’ which is a fitting description of his entire career so far. Every artist does not need to have the sonorous voice of Queen Bey, nor the playful vocals of Simi, nor the soulful tone which emits from Darey and Seal. Music is all about blending and you can be sure that the combination of two DJs in a single track will mean the production of something epic. Like Dice Ailes and Lil Kesh sang, the result of such a feature would simply be a ‘Miracle’

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